Traditional brewing, new technology

Home brewing of beer, traditional British quality meets new brewing technology. Bulldog Brews malts and extracts take the established traditional quality and add the latest brewing technology to give you the best possible quality home brew beermaking kits and supplies. Wholesaler, export homebrew company.

christmas beer

NEW: Yule Brew Beer Kit and Bulldog Malt Mill

[2014-10-20] Just in time for Christmas, we are happy to announce the new Yule Brew Cinnamon & Ginger beer kit. The new Bulldog Malt Mill is also here, a very well built and complete mill for the all-grain brewer.

NEW: Bulldog Breweries

[2014-10-20] The new Bulldog Micro Brewery is a complete starter set for making 23L of beer. It comes in 3 flavours. Read more here.

NEW: Bulldog 1.75kg beer kits

[2014-10-14] The new Bulldog Pouch Kits are here.

NEW: Bulldog Toffee Apple Cider

[2014-10-09] Bulldog Toffee Apple Cider has arrived!

NEW: Two new kits - Imperial Red, Strawberry Pale Ale

[2014-09-22] We are proud to introduce the two new additions to the Bulldog range of beer kits. Both of these are very unusual and nothing you will find in your supermarket.

NEW: Large range of hop pellets

[2014-04-02] For the all grain brewer, we have now added a large range of hop pellets in the Bulldog Brews range.

NEW: Easter Brew Chocolate Stout

[2014-03-28] The latest addition to the beer range is our new Chocolate Stout. We decided to call it "Easter Brew", because it's almost like liquid candy although quite potent with its 6% alchohol and a very full body from the whopping 4 kgs of malt extract we used in the recipe. All details here.

Four new cider kits

[2014-03-28] OK, we have been busy lately. The new cider kits are based on popular commercial flavoured ciders. As usual with Bulldog Brews, we have taken extreme measures to make sure you get the best that can be produced, the most raw material in any kit out there and an amazing quality end result. We are proud to launch our summer ciders - all details here.