Bulldog Master Brewer parts
Bulldog Controller The Bulldog Controller is the "brain" in the system. It can be detached from the Brewer and put on a table top nearby for easy reading.
Malt pipe The malt pipe has a finely perforated bottom and works as a strainer for the grain during the mash. When the mash is complete this will be lifted for lautering. It can get quite heavy with wort saturated grain so to ease the burden it can be lifted for lautering in two stages, halfway and then all the way to the top once some of the wort has drained off. It also has a central overflow pipe for fixing the sparge plate to during the mash (plug out) and during the sparge (plug in).
Sparge plate The sparge plate is for distributing the sparge water evenly over your grains to rinse out all the left over sugars after lautering. It enables the water to drip down over the full surface of the grain bed, a bit like a shower head. The plate can be fixed in various height positions depending on the grain bill.
The plug The plug is used to prevent grains slipping into the overflow pipe when adding grain to your strike water. It should also be used to stop sparge water from bypassing the grains during sparging. Simple rule: Doughing-In = plug in. Mashing = plug out. Sparging = plug in.
Anti burn system The anti-burn system works by jetting the wort across the base plate covering the heating coils to keep the fluid moving over the heat source which prevents burning. You can control the amount of circulation with the valve. It is fully open here but you can choose any setting including fully off. During the mash and boil this can be left fully open but as you get to know your system you will fine tune what works for you.

When you use the Bulldog Sparger connected to the Brewer pump, turn off the anti-burn valve as you want all sparge water to run through the grains via the top inlet.
Magnetic pump Inside the pump casing, you will find the very heavy duty magnetic pump.
Master Brewer from above A look at the brewer from above with the tempered glass lid off. Inside you can see the Bazooka Filter which prevents residue from circulating and the removable frame for resting the malt pipe on during lautering and sparging.
Switches The two main switches. Use caution when turning the pump on and off during your brew session, if you turn the power switch off you will lose all of your step settings! You can also see the waterproof controller socket to the right.
Tempered glass lid The tempered glass lid with hole for the wort circulation.

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