Programming the Bulldog Controller

Bulldog Controller This is the Bulldog Controller, the vital part running the brew through the steps you program. Start with attaching the controller plug to the socket in the base of the brewer. Make sure not to overtighten as that could rotate the socket. If that happens, you have to open the brewer and re-tighten the nut inside.
The Bulldog Controller can handle all normal processes in your brew, organized in steps. You can program up to 9 steps.

This is the first screen, you will see this immediately after power-up. If there is liquid inside, it will show you temperature of this. You can now choose Centigrade or Farenheit (default is Centigrade). Press SET when ready to continue.
Controller 2 The second screen lets you choose MAX power. It defaults to 2200W and normally you leave it at that. You would only choose a lower setting if you have a fuse problem so you can not go as high. Press SET when ready to continue.
Controller 3 This is the 1st screen for the settings in a step. If you have just started, it will show step no 1 in lower right corner, otherwise a number 2-9. You are now in a loop with 3 settings per step - average power, temperature and time. At this stage, you set the average power for step 1 (2,3,4 etc). It defaults to 800W but it is better to go higher, or brewer will move slowly when heating up to this step. For max speed in heating up to the step, set average power to 1600W, that is a good setting in most cases. Press SET when you are done. You can also press ON/OFF but that stops the programming and you will need to start all over again.
Controller 4 This is the 2nd screen for step settings.Set the target temperature here and then press SET when done.
Controller 5 The 3rd and final screen for a step. Set the time here, i.e. how long you want the Brewer to hold the temperature you just chose. If this was the last step you want, press START. If you want to keep adding steps, press SET and you continue the above loop of 3 settings per step. Note that once you have pressed START there is no going back except to turn the controller off and start over again (if you make a mistake).
Controller 6 After pressing START, the Brewer will heat up to first step. You will see this screen and it is same screen for going to any step (step no shown in lower right corner).
Controller 7 When the brewer reaches the set step (any step, the no is shown in lower right corner), the screen changes to this. Time starts counting down and you can see temperature (target and actual). Brewer till beep when entering a step and when the step is done.
Note that you can set negative steps as well. That means instead of heating up, we are cooling down. As an example, you can program the main cooling at the end as a step. When controller beeps to tell you it is there, at the final step - stick in the cooler and turn on cooling water. You have of course programmed the Controller so the last step has a target of say 25ºC and this means it will beep when you are there and you don't need to monitor the Brewer all the time.
Temperature calibration: You can in most places push buttons + and - simultaneously, that will take you to the calibration screen and you can set the temperature there from an external reading. Calibration goes back to "normal" after a power off.

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